Introducing human resources in ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and so on

・Introducing to the Japanese, who want to work in the ASEAN countries such as the Vietnam, Indonesia and so on.

Introduction of Asian human resources in Japan

・Introducing of Asian workers, who work in Japan.

Introducing to the Japanese, who are locally hired employees

・Introducing to the local human resources which are needed in each country.

Introducing to the global human resources which can work as a correspondent


ICONIC has the large number of databases which are created for the Vietnam such as local country.

We are introducing company or recruitment suiting for you by utilizing our own databases, which are covered all the aspects such as IT, finance, advertising and other various occupations.






Please contact ICONIC.
Our consultants handle with you promptly.


Affirmation of recruitment information

Let us know your detail recruitment information, such as job description, job requirement, working condition, etc. After that, we can find out the suitable job seekers.


Select candidates

We will send you information of suitable job seekers. Please check again and feedback to us whether they are able to join the interview.



We are going to send interview offer to job-seekers approved by us and arrange the interview.


Final selection

Please let us know the result of final election. We are going to tell job-seekers whether to be recruited.


Labor contract

We are going to adapt the day when candidates start to work as well as make sure of their resolves.


Date of starting work

Employer confirms the date of starting work. We will inform the jobseekers and support them if needed..


Job seekers



Please subscribe from under filling out the space of application. You don’t have to have your stubborn feeling to change your career yet.


Consult with ICONIC

If we plan to introduce any employment information, our consultants are interviewing and asking you about your work history and your choice. On the basis of them, we are going to tell more concrete those information if we find out any cases which fit your request. In addition, we are going to tell company information and the vision of human resources which the company required.


Apply for the company

When we decide the company you apply in fact, we give that company his or her resume through our company. We also support you how to write a working resume in need.


Interview・Applicant screenings

After accepting your application, you are invited to the job interview. We will set up its time, location and method (direct or indirect interview) depending on your situation.


Informal Decision

Through interviews and applicant screening, if the company decides to approve of your working, you will be given officially an informal decision from the company.


Confirm labor contract

After being made an offer, you will get official terms from the company. It is important to make clear all points about which you worried and you want to make sure.

※As for the final decision of working, please make sure about the provision of direct working for accepting company in your own responsibility.



After consulting about the recruitment, ICONIC handled promptly from beginning to end. Thanks to them, our company could start faster our own business by accepting four workers who are charge of general affairs, accountant and engineer. Unless we don’t know anything as we came in the Vietnam, ICONIC helped us support about the connections with job seekers and setting up their interview instead of us.

We are utilizing the service of human affairs now. As our company started the actual operation, we face at many problems because of specific Vietnam culture and systems. We strive to absorb with the various information about human affairs, know-how and advices through the ICONIC seminar. Continuously, we expect to be informed about the latest tendency of human affairs.

Mr. Watanabe


What we were surprised the most is their correspondents had a sence of speed. Thankfully, we were supported in all steps including the introduction of the human resources that we desired and the setting job seekers’ interviews promptly. Moreover, we could choose more suitable human resources from not limited information but larger amount of them because ICONIC provided them with us.

Our company hopes ICONIC continues to take care of a sence of speed. Furthermore, we will make recruiters and employees feel relieved after a period of time of adoption.





1Employment agreement

2Working rules

3Company policies

① Have alliance with law firm that has the strong ability about employment into them in Vietnam. Through legal review by the subscribed lawyer in Vietnam, check the term of what is pointed out by labor association and labor department. related legal documents from legal point of view in corporation with the Vietnamese lawyer to preliminarily eliminate and amend the articles that may be pointed out to be illegal or modified by Labor Union as well as Dolisa!

You can understand points of labor law through the detail commentary of review by the Japanese consultant.

③ Our intimate knowledge of Vietnam Labor Code and experience shall help propose and suggest practical solutions for daily employment issues.



4Company handbook

① We are trying to visualize and edit to make sense easier by modern design and comprehensible graphics from your company’s scattered documents such as the principal rules and action courses.

② Equalization by enhancing the quality of employees’ communication

③ Engaged with putting together your company as the aggressive labor policy



5 Labor – HR survey (Customized survey)

6 Annual Remuneration Survey

7Market Survey (Packaged Survey)

① Remuneration Survey focusing on Japanese companies in Vietnam which has the largest data samples in Vietnam!

② Entirely seize the labor market trends with the accumulated data over last 6 years!

③ Enclosing comments, analysises and explanations on Vietnam’s labor market by HR experts from the objectives and qualitative views!

④ Competitor survey to collect information related to competitor’s employment data in details and customized as client’s request in own methodology!

⑤ Being as the standard, supporting tool and efficient reference source for company before implementing set-up or re-structuring HR system!



8 HR system set-up consulting

① Being enthusiastic consultant to give guidance and support in setting HR system especially for inexperienced clients!

② Don’t apply automatically Japanese system but propose methodologies / plans based on Vietnam’s actual employment practices!

③ Consultancy and explanation can be provided in Japanese, English and Vietnamese!

9Labor consulting and advisory

① While the consultancy and advice from auditing and law firms is just covered at the legal view or procedures, ICONIC’s labor consulting service is covered detaily which includes efficient labor policy, market trend, and deep analysis on labor issues.



10 Work Permit Application Service

① Not only having charge of the procedures but also consulting under the points such as how to make documents and apply appropriately so that clients may get smoothly the work permission.

② Many complicated cases have been solved and got license successfully (lack of experience at manager position, high school graduated, application in provinces, new graduates, expats from other countries such as China…)

③ 100% of observed cases have obtained work permits successfully!

11 Human Resources administration supporting services

12Business license agency services

① We provide the fastest business service with our consultants’ rich experiences in spite of complicated investment licensing procedures.

② We provide necessary applications and dossiers in Vietnamese, Japanese and English!



13 Training the person in charge of HR system operation

We provide the training programs subjected for the performance evaluators who can be enlightened with essential skills that support an effective and fair performance evaluation. Those skills also contribute to a better communication and a mutual trust between appraiser and appraisee.

14Internal audit, Compliance training

① It is essential to set up and run an internal control system that helps solving problems and improving deficiencies effectively on the way of achieving the company goals.

② We are going to train clients the way of daily concrete activities in order to manage the internal control system under the common awareness not only their executives and the other staff.


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