We are always making an order of priority about what goals we should do as well as change situations in order to keep up with altering external environment.


Become No.1 in “ASEAN x HR”

Be a number one firm in the field of human resources into the ASEAN and become human resources which gain the most profit in the Japan into that field.


Let’s go to the West!!!

First of all, we are planning to handle with the ASEAN market, and then we will expand not only ASEAN’s but developing countries one.


ICONIC has been holding our unique concept since ever.


Always positive

The key of successful company is increasing the profit from their luck.

Luck and unlucky will come to all of the companies and people at the same time.
When the misfortune comes, it's important to overcome and prepare for the fortune.
This is the period that we can make yourself be stronger. Although from beginning to end, we tend to lament "it's not use" and blame on someone or company and think that is not your responsibilities, it is no meaning. Let’s try your best to overcome these challenges and you will be growing in mature way. You should capture problems in a positive to turn the challenges into your own luck. Behind difficult thing, there is a chance of big leap.
The most important thing is to transfer the situation positively to improve you. It is said that when the fortune happens is the harvest time, accumulating knowledge and experience and when the lucky period comes to you, do not hesitate to get your own success.


Always Beyond

〜Those who are growing up are fond of being beyond the border and connect to new things〜

We think people grow up as they encounter what is new.

Through the business, while creating for the value of the “growth with new thing”, we are also professionals to keep ourselves. who are offering those services growing up by crossing border initiatively.


Always Respect

No matter who is, first respect…

ICONIC practices straddling the border business, of course we will have multi-national employees and customers.In order that employees with different backgrounds can work together, what is important is to give every person the respect one another. In other that employees with different backgrounds can work together, first of all important thing is to respect each other. 

For colleagues, customers and candidates, the first feeling has to "respect" without any personal reasons. You can respect other people through some simple things such as coming to the interview on time or taking time to reply mail. Let's respect your opponent. The person who respects others always receives respect. As a result, a strong faith will be born in this relationship.


Always Challenge

Although you try to complete a target with 100% of your ability, your ability is still remaining 100%. From now, with difficult tasks, let's use 120%, 150% of your ability.Of course, to overcome your limit, you have to face a lot of mental pressure. It is required that you must have toughness to overcome the burden. But when going through the progress of making effort to weather the storm, what you obtain is not only new knowledge but also toughness making you be stronger and more mature. As a result, your ability will be stretched very much.


For interactive development

ICONIC with the service that utilized global business filed, it does mean that ICONIC aims to contribute economic growth to society and one specific country. Through the business of ICONIC, we want to promote development in all countries and provide service to create more interesting global society


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